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Traffic Safety Request

  1. The Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) was formed to review traffic safety requests and make recommendations to the City Council.
  2. The requests and recommendations are submitted to the Transportation Commission for review and comment and are then forwarded to the City Council for final approval. The TSC meets monthly and is comprised of City staff.
  3. Review Process
    - The Traffic Safety Coordinator will gather pertinent facts from you to help define the problem and a possible solution.
  4. - The Traffic Safety Committee will review your request and make a recommendation.
  5. - The recommendation will be shared with you. If you disagree with the recommendation or can provide additional information, you can attend the Transportation Commission meeting and the City Council meeting to present your disagreement or provide additional information. We suggest you notify all interested parties to attend the meetings with you.
  6. - The City Council makes the final decision on all traffic safety requests. A second review of the same or similar request is at the discretion of the City Council.
  7. For additional information, contact the Engineering Department at 952-826-0371.
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