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Dog License Application after March 1

  1. Licensing provides the City with a method of ensuring that dogs are properly vaccinated against rabies. Additionally, dog owners receive tremendous value from a license in that authorities make every effort to return lost dogs to their homes when they are wearing a current license. All other dogs are transported to an animal shelter where impounding and boarding fees are charged.

    All City dog licenses expire December 31. To renew by mail, send current rabies information and a check for the licensing fee to Edina City Hall at 4801 W 50th Street in Edina, MN 55424-1394.

  2. Cost is $20 per neutered or spayed dog. Licenses for dogs not neutered or spayed cost $30 each. Duplicate tags cost $6.

  3. A $10 late fee applies to all renewals effective March 1.

  4. License numbers are valid for the life of a dog. Request a new number only if the tag is unreadable.

  5. Discounts are given on multiple Off-Leash Area collars only at Edina City Hall at 4801 W 50th Street in Edina, MN 55424-1394.

  6. License Type

  7. Select the type of license you would like.*

  8. Enter the current 5-digit dog license number from the tag that you are renewing. If the tag is lost or unreadable, enter "00000."

  9. Item

    Dog License

  10. Price*

  11. Duplicate Tag

    Please select if you would like a duplicate tag.

  12. Price

  13. Off-Leash Use Permit

    Please select if you would like an off-leash use permit (Van Valkenburg Park)

  14. Price

  15. Owner Information

  16. Please enter a complete address. Licenses will be sent here.

  17. Dog Information

  18. Sex of dog*

  19. Has your dog been spayed/neutered?*

  20. Rabies Information

  21. Veterinarian Information

  22. I understand that some of the information provided on this form will be public data. Public data is available to anyone who makes a request for such information. My credit card number is not considered public data.*

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