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Senior Center Rental Application

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  2. Edina Senior Center
    Rental Application

  3. Complete and submit to request a room rental. Your rental is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation and pay for the rental.

  4. Availability

  5. - 4:30 p.m.-midnight weekdays

  6. - Any time weekends

  7. - For weekday availability during the day, please call 952-833-9570 as space is limited.

  8. Example: Group meeting, birthday party, etc.

  9. Choose Requested Room*

    If you are open to more than one room, check all that may apply in case rooms are already booked.

  10. List preferred room if you checked more than one room above. Or note here if you want more than one room.

  11. Is this a one-time rental or more often?*

  12. Basic Rules for Renting

  13. 1. No alcoholic beverages allowed.

  14. 2. Have your rental confirmation with you during your event.

  15. 3. Pick up any trash or recycling and dispose of it properly.

  16. 4. Return chairs and tables to their original configuration at the end of your rental.

  17. Payment and fees

    Payment is due by rental date. You will be notified about payment information once your application is approved and your space reserved.

  18. If you stay beyond your rented time, you will be charged an additional hourly fee for that room.

  19. Next Steps

    We will review your application, check for availability and contact you.

  20. Public Data Notice*

    Some of the information provided on this form will be public data. Public data is available to anyone who makes a request for such information.

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