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Honoring Class of 2021 Graduates

  1. Let's Honor the Class of 2021
    The high school and college students who make up the Class of 2021 have overcome tremendous hurdles to reach graduation. To honor and acknowledge them and their accomplishments, Edina TV will display photos of Class of 2021 members and their plans. These slides will be shown throughout the day through June. Edina TV is available to Comcast subscribers on channel 813 (high definition) and channel 16 (standard definition).
  2. Example
    Example photo and congratulatory message to Class of 2020 graduate
    Example of how it will be displayed on TV
  3. How To Include Your Graduate
    Please fill out this form, including uploading a senior portrait, graduation portrait or recent photo.
  4. Who's Eligible?
    This is open to Edina residents who attend a local high school, private school, any college or are home-schooled and are graduating at the high school or college level as the Class of 2021. It is also open to graduates who are open enrolled into Edina Public Schools.
  5. Please enter it as you'd like it to be displayed.
  6. Please describe in 10 words or fewer what is next for the graduate. Examples: Plans to attend the University of Minnesota or Hired as Data Analyst for Target
  7. Please upload a senior portrait, graduate photo or recent photo. File size should be 1 MB to 4 MB so it looks good on TV. Small file sizes may not display well.
  8. Photo Release*
    By checking the box below, you agree that Edina TV can display this photo.
  9. In case we have questions and need to contact you.
  10. Public Data Advisory*
    Information you provide on this form is considered public data and would be released upon request.
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