Do Other Cities Have A Program Like This?

Yes. Minneapolis, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, St. Louis Park and Hopkins are among the cities that have rental licensing programs.

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1. What Is A Rental Inspection And Licensing Program?
2. Why Does The City Need This Program?
3. How Many Rental Properties Does Edina Have?
4. Do Other Cities Have A Program Like This?
5. Doesn’t The City Already Inspect Apartments And Other Rentals?
6. What If I’m A Private Renter And I Only Rent A Portion Of My Home Or My Basement? Do I Need A License?
7. How Much Does A License Cost?
8. How Often Will Properties Be Inspected?
9. Who Will Be Doing The Inspections?
10. What Kind Of Things Will They Look For?
11. What Happens If A Problem Is Found On Inspection?
12. What Happens If A Landlord Doesn’t Apply For A License?
13. I Don’t Own Any Rental Properties. Are My Taxes Paying For This Program?
14. When Does This Licensing Begin?