What Is A Rental Inspection And Licensing Program?

This program requires all rental properties in Edina be licensed. City staff will inspect the properties routinely to make sure they are compliant with fire and health codes.

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1. What Is A Rental Inspection And Licensing Program?
2. Why Does The City Need This Program?
3. How Many Rental Properties Does Edina Have?
4. Do Other Cities Have A Program Like This?
5. Doesn’t The City Already Inspect Apartments And Other Rentals?
6. What If I’m A Private Renter And I Only Rent A Portion Of My Home Or My Basement? Do I Need A License?
7. How Much Does A License Cost?
8. How Often Will Properties Be Inspected?
9. Who Will Be Doing The Inspections?
10. What Kind Of Things Will They Look For?
11. What Happens If A Problem Is Found On Inspection?
12. What Happens If A Landlord Doesn’t Apply For A License?
13. I Don’t Own Any Rental Properties. Are My Taxes Paying For This Program?
14. When Does This Licensing Begin?