Community Solar Gardens

Community Solar Garden Draft
The Edina Community Solar Garden is fully subscribed with 68 households. The City Council agreed to lease the roof space on the Public Works & Park Maintenance Facility for a community solar garden (CSG) after the Energy & Environment Commission (EEC) made the recommendation in the fall of 2015. Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF) will lease the roof space from the City for 25 years. The solar garden opened in late 2018.

CEF is a local, member-owned energy cooperative. They are working to make solar affordable by building large solar arrays on sunny rooftops or open areas throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro. CEF is a member of the Just Community Solar Coalition, along with Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light and Renewable NRG Partners. Their goal is to ensure that community solar gardens are accessible to low-income households; create local, sustainable jobs; protect the environment and provide a new avenue for how energy is created and used.

What Are Community Solar Gardens (CSG)?

Community Solar Gardens (CSG) allow people to support renewable energy through membership. CSGs are large arrays located in sunny open areas; the electricity produced is fed to the grid and credited to a subscriber's Xcel Energy account. It's credited at a rate similar to Xcel charges its customers- but gives the opportunity to reduce their monthly energy costs and lock in stable, long-term electricity rates.

How Do I Subscribe to the Edina CSG?

Edina's solar garden subscription is now full.

To find out more about subscribing, visit Cooperative Energy Futures. For more information, contact Just Community Solar Member Megan O’Hara or call 612-599-7625.

How Can I Support More Solar Gardens?

The Clean Energy Resource Teams are a statewide partnership with a shared mission to connect individuals and their communities to the resource they need to identify and implement community-based clean energy projects. The teams have created resources to help you take the next step and can be found on the Clean Energy Resource Teams' website.