Edina Go Green

Let’s work together to protect the environment for future generations. The City of Edina has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by the year 2025.

Take Action

Here are ways you could take steps to reduce your footprint and be a steward for the environment and community health.

Why Take Action?

  • Save money
  • Make your home more comfortable and healthy
  • Help fight climate change
  • Help your community

Take Action to Conserve

Which type of energy user are you? Xcel Energy customers can track their energy use using the My Energy feature on their online account. Start with the basics to lower your bills and reduce your energy use.

Try These Energy Savings Tips

Take Action to Support Greening the Grid


Getting to and from places can be a large greenhouse gas emitter in single occupancy vehicles. Residents and businesses can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combine trips through carpooling, biking, walking or busing. Have questions about electric vehicles (EV)? Check out these EV resources.

Food Waste

Food waste can make up 40% of residential trash. Instead of ending up in the landfills, taking up the space, recycled organics turns into compost, which is great for infrastructure builds, lawn, and gardens.

Learn about the City of Edina's curbside organics recycling program.

Good Water Stewards

There are many things residents can do to be good water stewards. It can be as easy as buying products that are labeled WaterSense to learning ways to Protect Your Water.

Edina residents can now participate in the Adopt-a-Drain program! Volunteer to clear leaves, trash, and other debris from a local storm drain twice a month, for cleaner waterways and healthier communities.

Support Pollinators

The Energy and Environment Commission along with Project Earth Students put together a presentation on supporting pollinators.

Get Involved

Want to support making a positive change in your community? Get involved by applying to serve on the Energy & Environment Commission or sign up to hear about future volunteer opportunities.