Kids & Fire

The combination of children's' natural curiosity about fire and the high number of petroleum based products now being used to build new homes, is making fire more dangerous than ever.
According to the Nationwide Children's Hospital, children playing with fire is the cause for more than 20,000 house fires each year. It is important that children are educated properly about the danger of fire in order to keep them from hurting themselves and others.

Parent Safety Tips

  • Eliminate access to lighters and matches
  • Supervise children carefully and at all times
  • Restrict access to the Internet
    • Technology is a powerful tool. Information about how to do tricks and other illegal activities involving fire are readily available online. Children can easily access this material.
  • Restrict access to other media
    • Unsupervised access to television commercials, programming and movies can result in children imitating the behavior of the adults they see. This is how they learn.
  • Practice fire safety
    • Teach children that fire is a tool for adults, not a toy
    • Keep anything flammable away from anything that is hot
    • Inspect your home for fire safety hazards
    • Install and maintain smoke alarms
    • Practice your safe escape plan
    • Pay close attention when cooking

Signs of Children Mis-Using Fire

  • Burned spots on carpeting or grass
  • Candles in children's rooms
  • Charring on toys or clothing
  • Finding used matches in the trash or misplaced lighters and aerosol cans

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