Buried hydrants cause dangerous delays for fire fighters. Adopt-a-hydrant allows residents to claim responsibility for shoveling out fire hydrants after heavy snowfall and making sure the hydrants are clear of brush.
Person shoveling snow to uncover a fire hydrant

​Keep a hydrant clear

  • shovel any snow leaving a 3 ft snow and ice free radius
  • make sure it is visible from the street
  • remove any plants or debris within a 3 ft radius
In addition to keeping the area around fire hydrants clear, Edina residents can help firefighters and the Public Works Department by volunteering to paint a hydrant. There are 1,800 fire hydrants in the City of Edina. Public Works crews try to paint one-third of them each year.

 Paint a hydrant

  • Call public works at 952-826-0376 to arrange
  • provide address of hydrant(s) you would like to paint
  • pick up the paint at the Public Works Building, 7450 Metro Boulevard.