New Braemar Logo

Mirroring the other improvements at the facility, the Braemar Golf Course brand is transforming.

Scotland Ties

Braemar Golf Course is named after Braemar in Scotland, the site of Braemar Castle and Braemar Golf Club. At the time Edina's golf course was being developed 50 years ago, then-City Manager Warren Hyde traveled to Scotland, met with the landowner and Clan Chieftain, Captain Farquharson, and informed him of Edina's chosen name for its golf course. In order to strengthen the twinning of the two Braemars, a stone from Braemar Castle dating back to the 17th Century was sent as a gift from Farquharson to the City of Edina. It was encased next to the cart path on the way to the first tee.
Farquharson Clan Logo

Old Logo

The old logo was developed to tie back to Braemar, Scotland, and the Farquharson clan in that area. There was not strong support for keeping the old logo in this era of change. In 2015, focus groups were held and a survey administered to get residents' and golfers' opinions on existing and possible future branding. Most had no strong feelings or had a negative reaction to the old logo. The majority did not know what the Gaelic words in the logo mean or why there was a belt in it. Residents and golfers made it clear, though, that Braemar's history is important to them and they want to see it reflected in the golf course's brand.
Braemar Golf Logo

New Logo

Along with Dave's Great Ad Shop, staff began work to develop a new logo for Braemar Golf Course that fit within the City's existing branding standards. An uncomplicated logo emerged that is unique, special and enduring - one of the Braemar castle. The logo embraces the course's history and attachment to Braemar, Scotland, and establishes the brand as ‘royalty' among municipal golf courses.

The new logo was rolled out August 1, in time for the grand opening of the Academy 9 Par 3 course and driving range. It will be used at the Braemar Golf Dome in November. The old logo will completely be phased out by the time the renovated Braemar regulation course opens in 2018.
Braemar Golf Course Logo