Affordable Housing 

The City recognizes the need to provide affordable housing in order to create and maintain a diverse population and to provide housing for those who live or work in the City. Since the remaining land appropriate for new residential development is limited, it is essential that a reasonable proportion of such land be developed into affordable housing units. 

City Policies

Places Offering Affordable Housing

For People Ages 55+

South Haven, 3400 Parklawn Ave. - 100 affordable units 

Summit Point, 5110 Summit Ave. - 29 affordable units 

Aurora on France, 6500 France Ave. - 18 affordable units 

Yorkshire of Edina, 7141 York Ave. S. - 10 affordable units 

Yorktown Continental, 7151 York Ave. S. - 10 affordable units 

The Waters, 6300 Colonial Way - 7 affordable units 

For Youth Ages 18 to 24 

66 West, 3330 66th St. West - 36 affordable units

For All Ages

Yorkdale Townhomes, 7401 York Ave. S. - 90 affordable units for individuals and families

Oak Glen of Edina, 5515 Oak Glen Road - 26 affordable units for individuals and families

Coming Soon 

Aria, 3200 Southdale Circle - 8 affordable units

Nolan Mains, 3925 Market St. - 10 affordable units

Avidor, 5220 Eden Ave. - 16 affordable units for seniors