Special Assessments

What Are Special Assessments?

Special assessments are charges to a specific property for a specific improvement performed by the city. Special assessments finance the improvement by charging the benefiting property owner for the cost of the project. The authority to levy special assessments is granted under MN Statute, Chapter 429.

See the City of Edina's Special Assessment Policy (PDF).

For current or proposed project information, contact the Engineering Department at 952-826-0371.

Special Assessment Payment Options

Payment options for newly levied special assessments are as follows:

  1. Pay off the entire amount in the Assessing Office by November 20, 2020.
  2. Pre-pay a minimum of 25% of the total special assessment in the Assessing office by November 20, 2020. A newly calculated 15-year level payment amount will be reported for collection, starting with the next year's property tax.
  3. Pay nothing and have an annual payment consisting of principal plus interest certify to Hennepin County for collection with the next year’s taxes.

Senior Citizen Special Assessment Deferral

If you have applied and been accepted for the Senior Citizen Special Assessment Deferral before November 15 at time of levy, the deferral amount will accrue compound interest on the principal at the project rate. Payoff must be received by the Assessing Office no later than November 15 of any given year.

Existing Special Assessments

Existing special assessment payoffs must be received by the Assessing Office no later than November 15 each year. If payment options are unclear, call the Assessing Office at 952-826-0365. To search for payoff amounts, use the Special Assessment Search.