Human Dynamics

Human Dynamics

The Artwork

“Human Dynamics” is a sculptural representation of the human body in motion. Standing at six and one-half feet tall, the figure is made from scrap metal found objects and is in an angled action pose like that of a speed skater. The mechanical parts in the limbs represent the mechanical functions of the muscles. The human body is organic by nature, but functions like a machine.

The Artist

The artistic act of sculpting reflects the artist in many ways. Arend prefers scrap metal, because he likes to reuse the old and not be wasteful. He displays his lust for nature and our environment by making representational things found in nature or by displaying my views about it. Arend's art is not dark and scary nor graceful and pristine, but more right in the middle with the intent to evoke emotions of happiness and laughter.


"Human Dynamics" is part of a rotating exhibition of sculptures and received third place in the 2017-2018 People's Choice Awards. The piece can be purchased for personal acquisition or as a gift to the City for $7,000.


Edina Promenade