Developmental Skating

Pickup Hockey

Braemar Arena offers open ice to our figure skating and hockey enthusiasts who are looking for extra on-ice training opportunities to improve skills and attain personal goals.

Developmental Ice for Hockey & Figure Skating

Developmental gives young athletes the opportunity to work with their coaches one-on-one at an affordable rate. Typically scheduled early weekday mornings.

  • Ice will be sold by the quarter sheet in 60-minute blocks
  • Flat rate of $30/hour for each quarter
  • Maximum of six skaters per quarter (including coaches)
  • No drop-in reservations; all reservations must be booked by coaches in advance

Developmental Ice Schedule

  • Developmental Hockey is typically available Monday-Friday from 6 to 8 a.m.
  • Developmental Ice for figure skating is not scheduled at this time.
  • Email Chris Rotty for availability and reservations