Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety Fund

The PACS fund was approved by City Council in 2012 for improvements and maintenance of Edina's non-motorized transportation network. This network includes sidewalks, trails, bikeways, pedestrian crossings and related signage and pavement markings.

Revenue for the PACS fund is generated by a franchise fee ordinance that imposes a fee of $1.45 per month on residential customers of Xcel Energy and $1.45 per month on residential customers of CenterPoint Energy. There are higher franchise fees for commercial customers of both utilities.

2021 Projects

  • Hansen Road sidewalk (Vernon Avenue to West 60th Street) and West 56th Street sidewalk (Hansen Road to Normandale Road)
  • Beard Avenue sidewalk (West 54th Street to Minnehaha Creek) and West 54th St bike boulevard (France Avenue to Zenith Avenue)
  • Eden Avenue shared-use path (Sherwood Road to Arcadia Avenue)
  • France Avenue sidewalk (West 55th Street to West 57th Street)
  • France Avenue sidewalk (West 58th Street to West 60th Street)
  • McCauley Trail shared-use path (Valley View Road to Indian Hills Road)
  • Highlands Park shared-use paths (Doncaster Way, Ayrshire Boulevard)
  • France Avenue pedestrian improvements (West 69th Street)

See the 2020 Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Report (PDF).

Bike Rack Program

Through the PACS Fund, the City offers bike racks at half price to organizations throughout the community to encourage bicycling for commuting, errands and other short trips. Bike racks provide added convenience for residents and visitors, increase accessibility of buildings and encourage physical activity. This program is open to:

  • Businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Multi-family residential complexes

The City will install the racks and pay for half the cost of purchase and installation. The property owner is responsible for any new concrete and site work required prior to installation, as well as future maintenance of the installed racks. Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the Transportation Planner at 952-826-0440 for more information.

Bike Rack Before and After