Pottery Studios

Pottery Wall

The Edina Art Center Pottery Studio is one of the premier pottery facilities in the Twin Cities metro area and the State of Minnesota. The studio has grown to be a regionally recognized pottery facility.

The Pottery Studio began in the late 1970s with an idea of two individuals, Maureen Brockway and Jo French, and it is through their inspiration and leadership that the pottery department has grown to be what it is today.

Wheels & Kilns

The Pottery Studios contain 24 electric wheels, nine of which are left-handed and one is adjustable. The adjustable wheel is ADA accessible for students with special needs or in wheelchairs. In addition, the studio has one light-weight, Japanese style kick wheel.

The Edina Art Center is known for its plentiful options for kiln firing. The studio contains one gas cone-10 soda kiln, two gas reduction cone-10 kilns, five electric cone-10, five electric cone-6, two raku kilns and a large pit fire kiln for alternative firing. Our covered, outdoor kiln yard holds the 30-plus-cubic-foot gas soda kiln built by Master Kiln Builders and students during a 2011 workshop.

Pottery classes are taught in three separate studios each equipped with a slab roller and multi-die extruder. The extensive selection of unique studio glazes and a spray booth makes the Pottery Studio one of the best in the state.


The pottery staff includes the pottery supervisor, eighteen instructors who excel in their craft as well as their teaching skills, two kiln-loading staff and amazing volunteers.


Ongoing classes and unique workshops with nationally and internationally known artists are held throughout the year. Join us for a class or visit “The Biggest Little Pottery Department in Minnesota."