2021 Climate Action Plan

The City of Edina approved its first Climate Action Plan for the community in December  2021. The plan helps those who live and work in Edina imagine and achieve a future where the Earth and all who live on it thrive.

The plan includes 200 actions that can be taken in Edina to meet goals by 2030. The City’s greenhouse gas emission goals target a reduction in City operations and communitywide emissions by 45 percent below 2019 levels and achieve net zero emissions by 2050, in line with the 2015 global Paris Agreement. Goals are arranged under the categories of Transportation & Land Use, Water & Wastewater, Buildings & Energy, Local Food & Agriculture, Green Space & Trees, Climate Health & Safety and Climate Economy.

 Visit Better Together Edina's Climate Action Plan project to receive updates on progress and ways to get involved.

Environmental Performance Dashboard

The City of Edina’s Environmental Performance Dashboard shares information about the City's progress towards sustainability goals, and includes accomplishments and key performance measures for different focus areas. 

View the Dashboard and track progress on City climate action goals. 

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Plans and Reports

See the Sustainability section of the Edina Docs Document Library.