The Edina Police Department is devoted to the development of future Law Enforcement Officers through the Edina Police Department's internship program.

What You Will Learn

The Department’s internship program is designed to provide current Law Enforcement students the opportunity to experience an advanced understanding of aspects and functions of a mid-sized, suburban police department. The program will include assignments relating to; Patrol, Investigations, Retail Crimes, School Resource, Community Service, Dispatch, Training and Administration.

Learning Officer Duties

The program is designed to provide an understanding of many aspects and duties performed by Police Officers. The program is progressive, beginning with exposure to many, elementary aspects of police work and ending with the completion of the intern’s “major project.” Interns will rotate through various divisions and assignments within the department and will be expected to participate in discussions, meetings and other related assignments. After gaining experience and competence in the basic functions of police work, the intern will be assigned their major project. Historically, these major projects are true working documents used in the actual operations of the police department. Interns will complete a daily activity and will report directly to the department’s Training Officer. As the Intern completes each work experience, they will receive a competency evaluation. The intern will be given an opportunity to openly discuss their assignments and review their work in an informal setting.


The program is unpaid. To gain a thorough academic understanding of police operations, we suggest a minimum program commitment of 120 hours. Although scheduling is flexible, the department does require bi-weekly staffing commitments from the student. The majority of the student’s assignment will mirror a Monday through Friday work week, however, several night and weekend shifts may be required to fulfill the educational experience.


Applicants should possess a valid driver’s license and be enrolled in an accredited college law enforcement or similar program. Applicants must also be willing to submit to fingerprinting, criminal history checks, and agree to a confidentiality agreement. Applicants must have good writing and verbal skills, and be willing to perform potentially hazardous and dangerous work.

Though it is the Edina Police Departments intent to provide a unique learning experience for those individuals enrolled in the internship program, the Edina Police Department holds and retains the right to end the program or participation of an individual at any time.

More Information

For more information or to apply, contact Officer Jason Behr at 952-826-0489 .