Bootlegging In Edina (1933)


In 1933, with the Edina Police Department established just a few years earlier there were many challenges facing this mostly rural community. Including nearing the end of the prohibition days with President Franklin Roosevelt signing an amendment to the Volstead Act on March 23rd allowing “3.2 beer” and light wines. The Eighteenth Amendment was repealed later in 1933 with ratification of the Twenty-first amendment, on December 5th, effectively allowing the production of alcoholic beverages.

Hansen Road

John Redpath, Percy’s son recalled years later that his father told him the rural house was on a dirt road off what is known today as Hansen Road in western Edina. According to John Redpath, his father parked his squad and walked up the long driveway to the vacant house.

Moonshine Still

As reported in The Crier, a local Country Club District newsletter, Officer (Percy) P.A. Redpath located a “moonshine still” in a rural Edina farmhouse. Answering a call to inspect a vacant house in rural Edina, Officer Redpath uncovered a 300-gallon outfit in the basement. None of the “finished” product was found, but the operators had on hand, ready for re-distilling, twenty-two 55-gallon drums of commercial alcohol. Mr. Redpath turned over the “find” to the Sheriff’s office, and deputies confiscated alcohol and equipment.