Birchcrest A & Countryside B Neighborhood

Roadway Reconstruction

Construction began April 10 and will be substantially completed by November 3.

Project Updates

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The Project

Construction will include new roadways, repairs to portions of the sanitary sewer main pipe, replacement of portions of the water main pipe, new curb and gutter, sump drains in some areas for residents to connect their sump pump discharge, and sidewalks on the following streets:
  • East side of Mildred Avenue around to Valley View Road
  • East side of Wyman Avenue
  • North side of Maddox Lane
  • North side of Valley View Road
  • West side of Hansen Road
The project area is divided into three stages:
  • Stage 1: West 61st Street and all streets north of West 61st Street, including Forslin Drive, Hansen Road, Porter Lane, West 60th Street and Valley View Road sidewalk east of Code Avenue.
  • Stage 2: All streets sough of Birchcrest Drive, including Birchcrest Drive, West 62nd Street, Maddox Lane, Wyman Avenue, Mildred Avenue, Hansen Road, Code Avenue and Darcy Lane.
  • Stage 3: Valley view Road west of Hansen Road and Colonial Court.

Special Assessment

The full cost of the roadway portion of the project is assessed to residents in the project area. The pending special assessment is $17,200 per property. The final bill for the special assessment will be mailed to you in September 2018, and can be paid off over 15 years with interest. Read the payoff options.

Residents' Correspondences & Planning Documents

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