Watering Restrictions

The City of Edina has an odd-even sprinkling policy. Homes or businesses with even-numbered addresses may water their lawns before 11 a.m. or after 5 p.m. on even-numbered dates of the week. Homes or businesses with odd-numbered addresses may water before 11 a.m. or after 5 p.m. on odd-numbered dates. So, the family living at 4532 Parkside Lane could water their lawn on even-numbered dates - July 18, 20, 22, and so on.

To ensure adequate water supply and promote water conservation, the City has a daytime irrigation ban. Watering is banned from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, reducing water wasted through evaporation and allowing pumps to refill water storage facilities for evening peak use.

Permits Available

Permits are available to allow proper watering of new sod or seeded areas. Daily watering of new sod and seed is recommended for the first 14 days to establish root growth. After two weeks, normal watering should be sufficient for establishing a new lawn. The planting of new sod or seed during very dry times of the year is discouraged.

Violation Surcharges

Surcharges for violating the irrigation ban are determined based on the number of water restriction violations issued to the property owner in a three-year period. The first offense is $50; the second offense $100; the third offense $200; the fourth offense $300.

Residents who live in Edina's Morningside Neighborhood and receive their water from the City of Minneapolis or those with private wells are not affected. Morningside Neighborhood residents must adhere to any restrictions issued by Minneapolis.

Contact Information

For more information, contact the Public Works Department's Utilities Division by calling 952-826-0375.