Street Repair

The Streets Division is responsible for maintaining more than 200 lane miles of hard surface. Routine maintenance of the streets reduces the number of repairs required.

Scheduled maintenance programs include removal and replacement work, crack sealing, sealcoating and overlays. The goal is to patch and maintain areas to provide a safe street network throughout the City. Another integral part of the rehabilitation work is the Street Reconstruction Program. The Street Reconstruction Program is administered by the Engineering Department.

Blacktop Patch & Repair

The repair of the typical "boil," or soft spot, in the roadway is related to structural failure of the base and pavement. It involves removal and replacement of the roadway. After the freeze/thaw cycle, we will have some areas where subgrade has pushed through the blacktop. The subgrade and bituminous has been compromised and will need to be cut out and removed and new blacktop and gravel base added. These areas occur in all parts of town and are repaired in early to late spring.

Crack Seal

Bituminous or blacktop pavement by design is flexible to accommodate the freeze/thaw cycle of our climate. Subsequently, cracking will occur in relatively new pavement and continue throughout its life due to age, traffic, weather and more. Crack filling is the placement of a liquid asphalt emulsion into the void, coating the newly exposed internal surface of the pavement to limit further deterioration. Crack sealing is the placement of a rubberized sealant in the crack that will provide a protective coating and seal out water.


Sealcoating is the surface application of an asphalt emulsion followed by the placement of small graded aggregate. This coating is wear-resistant and protects pavements from oxidation and the effects of moisture. It puts a new wear surface on the pavement to protect the blacktop and extend the life of the road.

Mill & Overlay

This process includes grinding the old surface to make the pavement uniform and then adding a new hot-mix overlay. An overlay is a structural improvement which renews the street surface and extends the life cycle of the original pavement. This treatment is used on both good roads and very bad roads. Good roads get a mill and overlay bad roads typically get a thin overlay to keep roadway safe until it can be reconstructed. If you have a question about blacktop streets, please call Shawn Anderson, Street Supervisor, at 952-826-0313.

Concrete Street, Sidewalk & Curb & Gutter Repair

Concrete streets, sidewalks, and curb and gutter constructed in the right-of-way are repaired and maintained by the Streets Division. The Streets Division prioritizes the many miles of concrete street, curb and gutter and sidewalk repair based on functionality, tripping hazards and the overall state of disrepair. Concrete streets comprise about 20% of the overall length of roadways constructed in the City of Edina. If you have a concrete concern, please call Street Supervisor John Sheerer at 952-826-0303.