K-9 Unit

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K-9 Unit The Edina Police Canine Unit consists of two teams. Both canine teams trained with the St. Paul Police Canine Unit and are schooled in agility, obedience, tracking, criminal apprehension and handler protection.

Canine Team

Our Canine Team consists of Officer Sean Young and K-9 Blitz and Officer Mike Bengston and K-9 Gryf. They train regularly with other K-9 units in the area. Their training meets the standards as set forth by the U.S. Police Canine Association.


To arrange for a demonstration, contact Sgt. Kevin Rofidal by email or phone 952-826-0483.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to "It's a Pet's Life" for feeding and keeping our dogs healthy.

K9 Training Field

The Edina K9 Unit trains regularly at the South Metro Public Safety Training Center. There are several pieces of K9 agility equipment and a tactical tower at the Training Center that are used for many different drills. The K9 teams from Edina train with many different agencies around the state as they hone their skills for street work and certification trials.

K9 training field