General Policies & Public Access

Purpose / Disclaimer

The purpose of the City of Edina's audio and visual communications is to provide information about the City's government, services and attractions. Content produced by the City is cablecast in Edina on Edina TV, a government access channel. Edina TV can be viewed on Comcast channel 813 (high definition) or channel 16 (standard definition) and on CenturyLink Prism channel 1236 (high definition) and channel 236 (standard definition). Content is also streamed via the City of Edina website,, as well as on YouTube.

Content is chosen for production and broadcast based on the interest and value it may have to residents of Edina. All content is meant to promote the goal of making Edina the premiere place for living, learning, raising families and doing business.

General Policies

  • The City reserves the right to air all content it produces and/or films on Edina TV. The City will make all final decisions on air time, frequency of playback and priority of airing.
  • Any portions of footage filmed may be used by the City for other unrelated broadcasts produced by the City.
  • All content produced by the Communications and Technology Services Department is copyrighted.
  • Inappropriate content will not be filmed or considered for playback.
  • Examples of inappropriate content include:
    • Programming with a commercial intent, such as that promoting a specific business or service, unless incidentally mentioned as part of a program or in exchange for a sponsorship.
    • Political campaigning outside of a City-approved political debate or forum.
    • Programming containing religious content, unless incidentally mentioned as part of a program.
    • Pornography or offensive materials.
    • Programming containing obscene content or language.

Public Access

Videos not eligible for playback on Edina TV might be appropriate for playback on the public access channel. For more information on Public Access available to residents of Edina, contact the Southwest Community Television Administrator at 952-826-0344.