Fred Richards Park Master Plan

Fred Richards Park will be created from the former Fred Richards Golf Course, which closed in 2014. The 43-acre site, almost double the size of Centennial Lakes Park, is to become a multi-use park for a variety of activities year round. 

Extensive public input including multiple community meetings and surveys helped form the Fred Richards Park Master Plan, which was approved by City Council in 2017. 

Fred Richards Park will subtly divide into sections, providing different experiences for people and nature. 

Phase I - 2019

This portion of the master plan will make multiple improvements to the east end entrance area in the Parklawn neighborhood. 

Features to be added:

  • Playground
  • Walkways

The fence will be removed from this area of the park this spring.

Overall project budget: $300,000 as approved in the Capital Improvement Plan
Design services: Confluence
Playground designer: Minnesota/Wisconsin Playground
Expected completion: Fall 2019

Residents helped pick the safety surface, play structures, style and color of the playground by providing feedback through and in person at open houses and at schools. The final design will be unveiled this spring with installation expect in fall. 

Concept Plan

Fred Richards Phase 1 layout

This concept plan, which shows the basic layout of this section of the park, includes some features that might not be included in Phase 1 depending on cost.

Future Phases

Phase I is the only funded phase of the Fred Richards Master Plan. 

The other parts of the Master Plan will be built once a funding source is identified. One of the 2019 goals is to secure funding for Fred Richard Park.