Braemar Golf Course Master Plan

The City of Edina began construction in October 2016 of the first new regulation 18-hole golf course in Minnesota in more than a decade on the site of the existing 27-hole hole Braemar Golf Course.

New Layout

Designed by Richard Mandell Golf Architecture, the old layout will be completely stripped down and transformed into a 6,941-yard golf course that not only will serve Edina golfers but also its residents. The new layout (PDF) frees up almost 10 acres for more than a mile of walking trails, five miles of ski trails, bocce ball, and recreational opportunities on open space for Disc Golf, Foot Golf, Fling Golf, picnic areas, sledding and more.

In addition to creating wide fairways with a minimal number of hazards to create strategic options for all talent levels, Richard Mandell also made an environmental statement by restoring 4.37 acres of wetlands and enhancing a bit over a half-acre of additional wetlands, creating 32.11 acres of wetland buffer (60% more than regulations require), and introducing 33.85 acres of Oak Savanna throughout the golf course.


Highlights include:
  • Reduction in overall golf course footprint of 22.40 acres. Original 27 holes encompassed 195.20 acres. The new 18-hole golf course will encompass 172.80 acres.
  • 4.37 acres of created/restored wetlands on the property which will be part of a 7.50-acre area set aside for an Environmental Education Area.
  • 0.59 acres of enhanced wetlands.
  • Creation of 32.11 acres of wetland buffer. Only 20.11 acres are required by the Nine-Mile Creek Watershed District.
  • An additional 9.54 acres of former golf course are set aside for a Multi-Use Area in northeast corner of the site.
  • An addition of 33.85 acres of Oak Savanna Restoration Area to include Bur Oak, Red Oak, and Northern Pin Oak. Total tree canopy of the Savanna will be 11.25 acres. In 1947, 60.65 acres of 445 acre total site (13.6%) was wooded. Upon completion of the project, 155.73 acres of 445 acre total site (35%) will be wooded.
  • 1.02 miles of walking trails added to the golf course.
  • 5.10 miles of cross-country ski trails added to the golf course.
  • 6 bocce ball courts.

Braemar Golf Master Plan

The City of Edina partnered with Richard Mandell, a golf course architecture firm based in Pinehurst, North Carolina, to create a road map for the future of Braemar Golf Course. The consultant was approved at the September 16, 2014, City Council meeting. Learn more about the Braemar Master Plan Architect Richard Mandell. Mandell is well regarded in the golfing industry and is seen as a solid leader with tremendous experience. His role is to provide a full analysis of the golf course and, based on the vision of Braemar and the task force, is making suggestions on how we can make it more playable, fun and inclusive for all abilities and ages of golfers.

As Braemar recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, Mandell is helping set up the course to be more relevant in the next 50 years. The process is expected to make the course more playable and more attractive to people of all abilities. This plan will work toward securing Braemar as the premier public golf course and attract more golfers. Mandell recently completed a very highly regarded and highly successful renovation at Keller Golf Course in Maplewood and the renovation at Braemar is expected to create the same level of excitement in Edina.