Arden Park Restoration Plan

Major improvements are set in Arden Park that will restore Minnehaha Creek and enhance the user experience while keeping the park's natural, rustic character. The work is a joint effort of the City of Edina and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. 

Among the improvements:
  • New and improved trails
  • Increased fishing areas
  • Additional recreation opportunities
  • Replacing the park shelter
  • New playground
  • Regional stormwater management
  • Better creek water quality
  • Expanded biodiversity in the park
  • Flood prevention

The Latest

On Oct. 2, the Edina City Council voted 4-0 to continue through the design process and authorize the project going out to bid. The MCWD Board did the same at its Oct. 11 meeting.

The City Council also chose what's known as Option 4C as the park shelter building design, the preferred design from the neighborhood group. 

Up Next

The bulk of the project has been put out for bid by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. Bids are due by 1 p.m. Nov. 5, 2018.

To bid on this project, please view the Instructions to Bidders.


The current playground will be replaced with new equipment. In addition, the playground will be getting a new ADA-compliant engineered wood fiber surface. The new surface will be similar to wood chips and will allow access for children of all abilities.

Open houses June 25 and July 18 at the park playground collected feedback on surface options, color schemes and equipment. Residents chose the final colors and features

Park Shelter

  • Shelter Design Updates as of August 2018
  • Location moving slightly into green space to make room for creek remeandering.
  • Wendell, which designed Pamela and Countryside shelter buildings, is architect.
  • Group including residents and Parks & Recreation Commission members are working with Wendel on the building designs. 
  • Design concepts being studied for sustainability.


  • Number of trees to be removed for construction: 79 of diameter 8-inch or larger 
  • Original estimate: 90
  • Reason: Reduced as much as possible based on community input. 
The 79 trees includes:
  • 2 dying Oak trees
  • 22 Ash trees that would eventually be killed by emerald ash borer
Additionally, the City will remove in phases:
  • Invasive buckthorn
  • 57 additional Ash trees
At least 3 Ash trees that are in accessible locations will be treated to prevent emerald ash borer infestation.

Trees to be planted:
  • 407 high-quality native trees.

Park Design

Arden Park Design May 2018

Project Cost

Estimated at $5.3 million (as of September 2018)

Who Would Pay?

40 percent City of Edina
40 percent MCWD
20 percent outside grants


Begins Winter 2018. Ends Fall 2019. 

About the Design Phase

The Design Phase, expected to last through 2018, began after the City of Edina and the MCWD approved the Master Plan and a partnership agreement following 12 months involving extensive public input. The design phase determines how to make the Master Plan happen, in detail. 

September 2018

Formal presentations of the design phase about 90 percent complete are being made to the Edina Parks & Recreation Commission, City Council and the MCWD board.

Watch the presentation from the Parks commission meeting (YouTube). 

May 2018

Two open houses, including one at the park, were held in early May for people to learn more about the project, ask questions and provide feedback. 

The Parks & Recreation Commission was briefed on the 60 percent status during its May 8 meeting. Watch that update via YouTube.

The City Council heard and responded to updates on the 60 percent status at its May 15 meeting. Watch that update.

January 2018 

On Jan. 9 staff from both agencies and project consultant Inter-Fluve gave a briefing to the Edina Parks & Recreation Commission and to about 75 people who attended an open house at Edina City Hall. This check-in at the 30 percent point focused on stream alignment, trails and stormwater.

See the Presentation