Arden Park Restoration

What's Happening

Arden Park will be under construction through fall 2019 to restore Minnehaha Creek, improve recreational opportunities and replace the park shelter and playground.

Park Closures

Heavy equipment will be brought in for work on the creek, tree removal and replacement, earth moving and demolition. For safety, the park will be closed during construction, including the playground.

The hockey rink and skating area will be closed for the 2018-19 season.

Nearest Outdoor Rinks

  • Pamela Park
  • Todd Park
  • Weber Park

Nearby Park Playgrounds

  • Garden Park
  • Highlands Park
  • Pamela Park
  • Pershing Field Park (Minneapolis)
  • Todd Park
  • Wooddale Park


The current playground will be replaced with new equipment. In addition, the playground will be getting a new ADA-compliant engineered wood fiber surface. The new surface will be similar to wood chips and will allow access for children of all abilities.

Residents chose the final colors and features

Park Shelter

A new park shelter building will better fit in with the character of the Arden neighborhood. It features lots of window to provide natural light indoors, covered outdoor areas for picnic tables and sustainable features.

The building will offer views of the creek, playground, large lawn and skating areas. 

Park Design

Arden Plan Restoration Map


Some of the improvements being made by the project, a joint effort  of the City of Edina and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District: 

  • New and improved trails
  • Increased fishing areas
  • Regional stormwater management
  • Better creek water quality
  • Expanded biodiversity in the park
  • Flood prevention
  • Removal of invasive buckthorn
Arden Playground Design
Arden Shelter Design

Contact Project Leaders

Laura Domyancich, Planner-Project Manager, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.
Phone: 952-641-4582

Ross Bintner, Engineering Services Manager, City of Edina
Phone: 952-903-5713