Projects listed here  include significant equipment replacement, maintenance or work that disrupts parking or sections of a park. 

Please note some items are not actually Park & Recreation projects but happen to affect the listed park. They are listed for your convenience.

Current Projects

Bristol & Mavelle Park

A concept plan has been approved for stormwater improvements and light recreational use of this open space that's also known as Lynmar Basin. 

The City and the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District are working on this project together. 

Lewis Park Playground

The playground equipment at Lewis Park will be replaced in 2022.  

The Parks & Recreation Department is involving Lewis Park users and nearby residents in the process of choosing a theme and equipment for the new playground.

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Rosland Park

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is installing a new stormwater filtration system to help keep phosphorous out of Lake Cornelia and downstream to Lake Edina. This should help the water quality and prevent outbreaks of dangerous blue-green algae. 

The project has required blocking off a section of Rosland park and lots of heavy equipment.

Major work completion: Expected end of November 2021
Final work: Spring 2022 (plantings and touchup)

Tennis Court Renovations - Rosland, Walnut Ridge and Yancey parks

The tennis courts at these three parks are being refurbished in fall and winter. They will reopen in spring 2022 with a fresh surface for players.

Weber Woods / Morningside Flood Infrastructure Project

A major Engineering project will lower and expand Weber Pond and the Lynn/Kipling Pond to store more floodwater to protect homes in the area from flooding due to climate change. 

Completed Major Projects

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