Call Statistics

The Edina Communications Center receives thousands of calls for service every year, reaching 124,162 in 2017.

Those calls involve collection and assessment of information, specialized computer entry, radio communication and records follow-up by a dispatcher. It is a complex, multi-tasking process, often occurring when a caller is in a crisis situation and/or unable to communicate clearly.

Reducing 911 Misdials

Help us use our public safety resources efficiently by reducing 911 misdials. On average, our dispatchers investigate approximately 5,000 hang-up 911 calls each year; the majority are misdials, kids playing with the phone or pocket dials. When 911 is dialed, the call goes through, even if you hang-up prior to the call ringing, so if you accidentally call 911, do not hang up. Stay on the line and advise the dispatcher you misdialed. 911 hang-up calls require the dispatcher to call you back and, if the dispatcher is unable to make contact, a police officer is sent to investigate the call. In a misdial, the officer is not available for actual emergencies for several minutes.

Please monitor children around the phone at home and use the keypad lock feature on your cell phone to prevent it from accidentally dialing 911 while in a pocket or purse.

After-Hours Contact

In addition to public safety services, the Communications Center is also the City's after-hours contact for all other services, such as emergency water, sewer or other Public Works problems. Call 952-826-1600 for those concerns.