Public Works

Edina's infrastructure, its streets and curbs, storm and sanitary sewers, bridges, water mains, hydrants, pumping stations and wells (all the behind-the-scenes equipment and structures that form the physical backbone of the City), are in the care of the employees of Edina's Public Works Department.


The Public Works Department is comprised of the Streets (Bituminous and Concrete), Utilities and Equipment Operations divisions. Employees of each of these divisions efficiently and responsibly care for:
  • 230 miles of roadway
  • 18 deep water wells
  • 4 water treatment plants
  • 4 water towers with a three million-gallon total capacity
  • 4 million gallons of water in underground reservoir
  • 23 sanitary sewer lift stations
  • 11 storm sewer lift stations
  • 80 miles of storm sewer mains
  • 180 miles of sanitary sewer mains
  • 200 miles of water mains
  • $8 million in rolling stock (vehicles and equipment), including automobiles, mowers, trucks of every description, snowplows, street sweepers, fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars