Public Works

Edina's infrastructure, its streets and curbs, storm and sanitary sewers, bridges, water mains, hydrants, pumping stations and wells (all the behind-the-scenes equipment and structures that form the physical backbone of the City), are in the care of the employees of Edina's Public Works Department. Those include: 

  • 230 miles of roadway
  • 18 deep water wells
  • 4 water treatment plants
  • 4 water towers with a total capacity of 3 million gallons
  • 4 million gallons of water in underground reservoir
  • 23 sanitary sewer lift stations
  • 11 storm sewer lift stations
  • 80 miles of storm sewer mains
  • 180 miles of sanitary sewer mains
  • 200 miles of water mains
  • $8 million in vehicles and equipment, including mowers, trucks of every description, snowplows, street sweepers, fire trucks, ambulances and police cars.

The Public Works Pipeline is published twice a year to keep residents informed on water quality, street construction, snowplowing and seasonal hazards. Summer issues include the annual report on the quality of drinking water in Edina.