Communications & Information Technology

Good communication is saying things so people understand and care about the message. Good communication about Edina and its government is the mission of this department.

Service to the City

The Communications and Information Technology deparments help other City departments and facilities identify what information and messages need to be conveyed to Edina's diverse audiences and make sure that this is done in the most effective manner possible. The IT staff's primary goal is to enable access to City information and services conveniently, securely and efficiently.


The Communications staff works to find opportunities to promote what makes Edina the great community that it is and the successes of City government. Among other things, Communications is responsible for media and public relations; publication of the City's newsletters and magazines, including About Town; assisting with marketing and advertising; maintaining the website and administering Edina TV.

Information Technology 

The I.T. staff provides the central services required by City departments, offices and facilities, including:
  • Administration of the City's hardware, software, and infrastructure contracts and agreements
  • Data center operations
  • End-user support for personal computers
  • Network and telecommunications services
  • Project oversight
  • Strategic technology investigation
They work to provide the vision, leadership and skills that will enable the City to benefit from technological innovation and improve service to the community.