Buckthorn Removal Month

Citywide Removal

The City of Edina will focus on buckthorn removal throughout the month of October.

"The fall is the best time to cut and spray buckthorn," said City Forester, Luther Overholt, explaining why the City is organizing efforts for residents to easily help rid Edina ecosystems of this invasive species.


Community members are encouraged to remove buckthorn from their own properties as well as volunteer to help with clean-up efforts at Edina parks.

"Buckthorn removal is an excellent group volunteer opportunity that allows neighbors and community members to get to know each other through service," said Volunteer Coordinator MJ Lamon. "Volunteers can socialize and improve our environment at the same time!"

To volunteer with removal efforts, contact MJ Lamon at 952-826-0360.

Removing Buckthorn

Buckthorn should not be cut without having a method of killing the stumps. If the stumps are not killed, they will re-sprout vigorously and be even more difficult to eradicate. Stumps can be chemically or mechanically neutralized or removed.

Buckthorn Removal Instructional Video

Buckthorn Dump Sites

The City of Edina's Public Works Department will have a designated site for residents to get rid of their buckthorn shrubs on a seasonal basis. 

Residents must show a picture identification with a current Edina address. Commercial haulers are not allowed to leave buckthorn brush at the dump unless they are accompanied by the residents for whom they are working. Buckthorn brush cannot be bagged, boxed or bundled. If it is, it must be removed from the container before being left at the dump.