Buckthorn is an invasive shrub found throughout Edina. 


University of Minnesota information on buckthorn and controlling it. 


The City encourages residents to remove buckthorn to prevent its spread and keep it from choking out native plants.


Twice a year the City opens up a site near the Braemar Golf Dome for Edina residents to dump buckthorn removed from their yards.

  • Spring - April
  • Fall - October

Check the Edina events calendar close to the events or follow the City of Edina on Facebook


To volunteer with removal efforts, contact Community Engagement Coordinator MJ Lamon at 952-826-0360. 

For example, River Valley Church brings hundreds of volunteers to Pamela Park each year to remove buckthorn for their day of service. They have pledged to return each year until buckthorn is eradicated from the park. 


For questions regarding buckthorn in Edina Parks or public spaces, contact City Forester Luther Overholt at 952-826-0308.