Public Health Emergency Preparedness

The Health Division plays a key role in the City of Edina's Emergency Operations and Continuity of Service Plan and coordinates with Bloomington Public Health for public health emergency preparedness and pandemic influenza, bioterrorism, infections, diseases, and threat planning.


The City of Edina has implemented a "reverse 9-1-1" notification system for use during emergencies. The City of Edina has contracted with Emergency Communications Network, Inc., of Ormond Beach, Florida, for its "CodeRED" high-speed telephone emergency notification services. The CodeRED system gives City officials the ability to deliver urgent pre-recorded emergency telephone messages to targeted areas or the entire community at a rate of up to 60,000 calls per hour.

Messages could be sent for such disasters as storms, hazardous material spills, illness outbreaks or pandemics, terrorist attacks, or other emergencies. When a message is sent, caller IDs will display 999-911-9999." All messages will begin with "This is a CodeRED message from the City of Edina." If a phone is not answered, the system will try again, up to three times.

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The backbone of the system is the City's telephone database of properties in the community. To ensure no one is omitted, all individuals and businesses are urged to visit the CodeRED Residential and Business Data Collection website and submit their phone numbers to be called in an emergency.

Additional Information

For more information on Public Health Emergency Preparedness, visit the Bloomington Public Health website.