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  1. April 17, 2019 Flooding Update

    The April 17 rain caused Lake Minnetonka’s water level to increase approximately 1.56 inches to an elevation of 929.98 feet above sea level, which is 0.25 inches below the top (930 feet) of the 202-foot-long emergency spillway located north of the dam. Read on...
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Minnesota Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Flooding Definitions

Download a PDF of the definitions, with renderings.


The Fire Department is responsible for extinguishing fires, providing paramedic and advanced life support medical service, educating the community on fire prevention issues and maintaining firefighting equipment and fire department facilities. In addition, the department enforces laws and ordinances pertaining to fire safety.

Staff/Contact Information

Chief Tom Schmitz leads 31 full-time firefighter/paramedics and 14 volunteer (paid on-call) firefighters. The City is home to two fire stations in Edina:
  • Fire Station Number 1: Located at 6250 Tracy Avenue
  • Fire Station Number 2: Located at 7335 York Avenue
The Fire Department can be contacted at 952-826-0330.


The mission of the Edina Fire Department is to serve the community by protecting lives, property and the environment in a safe, efficient and professional manner.