Building Inspections

  1. Temporary Certificate of Occupancy permit for New Homes

    During the period of June 1st through October 15th, Temporary Certificate of Occupancy permits for New Homes are $110 for every 30 days. Read on...
  2. 2020 Minnesota State Building Code in effect March 31, 2020

    The NEW 2020 Minnesota State Building Code (MSBC) is now in effect. All permits applied for on or after March 31st, 2020 will use the NEW 2020 MSBC. All existing checklists will be modified to reflect the 2020 MSBC, follow the intention of the checklists. Read on...
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Looking for an ePermit?

Go to the Permits & Resources page to apply for a permit, check on status or get a fee estimate.

State Building Code

The City of Edina strictly follows Minnesota State Building Code, which in turn adopts the International Building Code, International Residential Code and other codes and standards relating to building construction.

Permits are required in most cases for:

  • Alterations
  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Maintenance and Use
  • Moving
  • Repair

Call to Contact Us

If you are considering a project or are unsure if you need permits or other requirements, please call us at 952-826-0372. Our inspectors spend most of their workday doing on-site inspections, so please make an appointment if you want to come in and discuss a project.