COVID-19 Policies

Braemar Field COVID-19 Operational Changes

Braemar Field is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our visitors. We are implementing the following changes effective Sept. 19, 2020. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our facility, and that requires full cooperation from all visitors. Changes to our operations and business practices reflect recommendations and requirements at the local, state and national levels. These come from recommendations, requirements and policies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) and the City of Edina.

All customers, guests, user groups, staff and visitors are responsible for implementing and complying with all aspects of these changes. Braemar staff have the full support of the Parks and Recreation Director and City Manager in enforcing the provisions of this policy.

Required Policies

The following are required policies for Braemar Field starting Sept. 19, 2020, until further notice:

  • Groups must have a COVID plan in place and on file with the Field before their first rental.
  • Groups must have a process for tracking participants.
  • Groups not following Field, CDC, MDH and other guidelines or directions given by staff will have their future removed time removed for a period of time to be determined (TBD).

Capacity Limits 

  • The maximum dome capacity under current guidelines is 150 people.  This includes all participants, coaches and spectators.  The maximum capacity of the lobby is 16 people.
  • During a block of customer time, there may be a transition of participants. For example, in a two-hour block, a group may decide to rotate participants in two or three groups.  This is permissible as long as maximum capacity limits are not exceeded.  
  • Spectators/chaperones are not allowed in the facility.
  • Groups may have four pods of 25 people per quarter of the field. The 25-person limit includes coaches. The walking track and batting cages are considered a pod area bringing the total number of allowable pods of 25 to six.

Enter, Exit & Time Limits

  • Entrance and exit – The entrance and exit for the facility will be the main lobby doors. Follow all traffic flow patterns.
  • Users will be allowed to enter the lobby and Field no more than 10 minutes before their scheduled time.
  • Users must exit the lobby and Field within 10 minutes of their scheduled end time.
  • Come as fully dressed as possible and ready to participate.

Masks & Social Distancing

  • Maintain social distancing (9 feet) while active and (6 feet) at other times. 
  • Masks must be worn at all times. This includes active participants. 
  • No loitering in the lobby. All seating areas have been removed.
  • Do not enter areas that are sectioned off.
  • No spitting.
  • No handshakes or high fives.
  • The walking track is closed during rentals.
  • All payments will be handled online or over the phone when possible.

Equipment & Water

  • One small bag is permitted to be brought in.
  • Storage of equipment is not allowed outside of the vehicle air lock.
  • Water fountains will be turned off and not accessible. The water bottle filling station is accessible. Bring your own water bottle pre-filled.