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Building Energy Benchmarking, What Is It?

Many property managers and owners already benchmark their buildings. Benchmarking the energy performance of a building is the first step to increasing energy efficiency.

Improving building energy efficiency is a key component of the City’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint while supporting building owners’ pathways to lower operating costs.

How are efficient are buildings in Edina? View energy use by building:
Edina Building Energy Benchmarking Tracker

What Buildings Does It Apply To?

  • Buildings 25,000 square feet or larger

Those buildings must begin annual benchmarking per the Efficient Building Benchmarking Ordinance (PDF) passed by the Edina City Council May 21, 2019.

Building Benchmarking Tools and Resources

Be Recognized 

Businesses of all types are encouraged to apply for the Green Business Recognition Program. Earn points toward being recognized as a gold, silver, or bronze Green Business by taking steps in various areas including:

  • Energy use
  • Landscaping and water conservation
  • Purchasing
  • Recycling
  • Solid waste
  • Transportation

Learn More

Own or manage a building 25,000 square feet or larger? This video explains the program:


Or see the Large Building Benchmarking Fact Sheet (PDF)