Stone + Stratus

The Artwork

The large-scale artwork made up of metal panels draws from the patterns of the stones at the historic Edina Mill site. At night, the designs are backlit, an ever-changing palette of color to decorate the 50th & France area. 

Stone + Stratus was commissioned as public art to beautify the expanded North Parking Ramp; behind it lies a snow chute. Original concepts by artist Will Gunderson were reviewed by members of the 50th & France Business Association, who narrowed them to three concepts. Those were put before the public. The final design, based on all the input, came from the mill stones with other patterns mixed in for visual variety.

The Artist

Will Gunderson is a freelance designer and the founder of Will Gunderson Creative. He has experience in a wide variety of media and specializes in branding, marketing, packaging and web design. A graduate of Hopkins High School, Gunderson earned a bachelor's degree in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. He previously worked in design for Target and Fellow.


The work was part of the City's project to expand the North Ramp, an effort that was completed in 2018. The expanded ramp was a major element of the overall 2017-2019 Market Street Redevelopment project that also included housing, retail, expanded sidewalks and public plazas, expanding the overall upscale 50th & France area.


North Parking Ramp, 3940 Market St., at 50th & France.