Hole 17

Par 3
96 - 158 Yards

About This Hole

This downhill par 3 runs along a ridge line to a greens complex set on a ledge jutting out from the right side. A low-profile sand bunker fronts the right front side of the green and is visually balanced by a second bunker flanking the left side of the green. Mounds back left and back right serve as a backdrop to a putting surface that flashes hard up onto the ridge along the right. The green falls off sharply behind into an oak savanna.

The hole has a bit of a reverse redan look and feel to it with the bunkering, yet the dominant slope of the green plays more like the original redan from front right to back left. Nonetheless, the bunkers naturally fit into the front and side slopes of the green, creating a strong visual statement. Nor is there any sand wrapped around mounded peninsulas. Rather it is the placement of the central axis of each bunker and how each one cascades down from one side to the other along those axes.