Benefits For Edina 

The Majority of Edina Workers Must Commute to Work

Daily over 40,000 people commute into Edina each day for work.  This means 92% of the jobs in Edina are held by commuters. Conversely, 26% of Edina Residents commute to Minneapolis (source:  Maxfield Research &Consulting, 2020) 

The development of Affordable and Workforce Housing provides an opportunity for people who work in Edina to live in Edina.  This has the potential to reduce traffic congestion on City streets.

Map showing more people commute into Edina for work than commute from Edina to work elsewhere

Housing Costs are Growing Increasingly Out of Reach for People Who Work in Edina

Since 2000 the gap between the wages of workers in Edina’s growth industries and the median mortgage expense has widened. This trend is a continuation from previous decades.  Although the gap between the wages in Growth Industries and  and median rent is not increasing, the rent levels remain out of reach for most Edina workers.  Edina’s Growth Industries include Education, Health Services, Leisure and Hospitality, and Public Administration.   For a households to not be cost burdened, 30% or less of a household’s income should be used on housing expenses.

Achieving the Metropolitan Council’s goal of creating 1220 new Affordable and Workforce Housing units will help address this growing disparity.

Fever line chart showing Median Wages vs. Median Mortgage