What's Happening at Braemar Arena
  1. Hockey Players in Da Beauty League

    Watch Pros Play in Da Beauty League

    Professional hockey players visit Braemar Arena each summer for a fast-paced 4-on-4 league. See your favorite players from the NHL up close and maybe even score an autograph.

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  1. Outdoor Rinks Transitions to Futsal Court

    With brighter days and the warmer sun comes the Backyard transition to a Futsal court. Weather permitting, the court should be open for rent starting April 10. 

    Please contact Facilities Coordinator Corey McConnach at cmcconnach@EdinaMN.gov or 952-833-9518 to book the facility. 

    Skaters can still enjoy the three indoor regulation-size ice sheets inside Braemar Arena. Open skating, group rental, skate lessons, adult and youth hockey, figure skating programs and birthday parties happen year-round.