Individual Solar

The solar industry is booming in Minnesota, and it is positioned for continued growth. Solar energy can be used to generate electricity to provide hot water and to heat, cool, and light buildings and homes. The City of Edina is a solar-friendly community and continues to provide resources for alternative energy opportunities.

There are two types of solar energy:

  • Solar Electricity: Uses sunlight to directly generate electricity. Also called photovoltaics.
  • Solar Thermal: System uses sunlight to provide heat for domestic hot water and space heating.  

Utilizing solar is a great way to achieve our community’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by 2025. The City of Edina is a trailblazer for solar in the state. The City installed a 24 kW photovoltaic solar system on their City Hall in 2012 and is the first city in Minnesota to lease its Public Works roof for a 664 kW Community Solar Garden, subscribed to by 68 residents.

What solar investment is right for you?

Do you install solar? What are other renewable energy options for residents? Check out this chart from Clean Energy Resource Team with renewable energy options for Excel customers.

Interested in installing Solar?

If you’re interested in powering more of your energy needs with solar, here are resources to find out more:

Get a permit started in Edina for solar panels or visit Edina Building and Inspections web page.

Want to support solar but cannot install?

For some sites the installation of a solar system may not be the best option. If that is the case, consider:

  • Subscribing to a community solar garden. Community solar gardens are a centrally located solar photovoltaic system that produces electricity from the sun for participating subscribers. Learn more about community solar gardens.