Long-Term Visions

The Edina Grandview Commercial District has been identified as a “potential area of change” for many years. Several improvements occurred in the 1980s, 90s and 00s when Jerry’s Enterprises expanded and several older industrial businesses were assembled and transformed into the Grandview Square Condominiums, Office Building and Edina Library/Senior Center.

When the City determined that it was time to relocate the Public Works Department to a larger facility in the industrial park, planning efforts were initiated to reconsider how the land could be reused and what the preferred direction would be for the broader commercial district.

In 2010, after a series of public outreach activities, the Community Advisory Team (CAT 1) presented seven guiding principles and a Guiding Report to the City Council for consideration. These documents were approved and it was determined that additional study was needed to work through many of the details.

In 2011-2012, a second Community Advisory Team was assembled to more fully explore how new improvements could be brought to the commercial area. More than 50 residents were involved in this extensive effort to craft a vision for future improvements. The 2012 Framework Plan was approved by the City Council.

Preparing for Implementation

Preliminary studies were conducted in 2014 to better understand the context and constraints that influence redevelopment.

A Tax Increment Financing District was established in 2015 to facilitate financing of the public improvements anticipated in the area. Go to the Grandview 2 TIF District for more information. 

Transportation Planning

A district-wide transportation planning study was commissioned in 2015 to better understand how to prioritize capital improvement projects while being mindful of the Seven Guiding Principles. This study gave consideration to vehicle traffic, pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users. A team of industry experts was selected to complete this study after several consulting groups were interviewed. The final report was completed in 2016 after a series of public input and planning sessions.