Ongoing Construction Update

Expansion of the North Ramp began in January 2018. It will re-open on or about April 1st. The North Ramp will be completed in September 2018 and will provide more than 400 parking stalls for customers and employees. 

Demolition of the Center Ramp will begin April 2nd, 2018. This will be an active construction site for more than one year. When complete in Fall 2019, this site will feature new apartment homes, new retail shops, and 100+ stalls of indoor customer parking all centered around a series of pedestrian ways and public plazas.

Pat Tucker

Construction Communication
Coordinator and Liaison:

Pat Tucker is the Market Street Project Construction Communication Coordinator and liaison to help businesses and neighbors navigate the construction process. She is available to provide information and coordinate concerns of business owners, employees, customers and other stakeholders. Email Tucker at

Market Street Construction Update: 
Feb. 23, 2018

North Ramp Expansion
A&P will continue to form the new fourth level of the ramp and pour concrete.  This week, the two new stairways should be poured.  Floors and columns will continue to be formed and poured.  Expect to see concrete trucks during normal construction hours.  This work will occur behind the construction barricade with limited impact to businesses. 

For the week of March 5, excavation will begin to allow for installation of the concrete foundations that will support the large tower crane.  In an effort to keep Market Street open as much as possible, the City has decided to use a tower crane to build the expansions on the two vacant parcels.  The tower crane will be erected in Mid-March.  After the new crane is in place, the construction barricade will be shifted to allow for a safe working area to be created next to the Center Ramp.  One-way traffic (eastbound) will typically remain available until the North Ramp is complete in September 2018. 

Center Site and Clancy Lot Construction (the NEW Nolan Mains)
Utility work continues to relocate and update underground utilities servicing existing businesses on the block.  This work is being done by subcontractors for Comcast, Centurylink, Xcel, and CenterPoint. 

In the coming weeks you can anticipate the following work:

  • Installation of underground Centurylink conduit to serve the Edina 5-0 Mall building will take several days. This work will extend along the northbound side of Halifax Avenue from 50th Street to the driveway from Clancy Lot.  This work will occur this week of Feb. 26 and may result in a slight shift in traffic on Halifax, but will be clearly marked.
  • Paver restoration from Spalon to Talbots is complete and splice holes to be restored after Centurylink completes wire pull in March.
  • Trench work from across Talbots to Jett  will be completed by March 1st.
  • March 1, and 2, utility work will  be close to Jett and  the North Mall entry will be closed.  Please use East entrance to the 5-0 Mall.
  • Work connecting to main Centurylink and Comcast on France begins Feb. 23, with equipment be placed in Loading Zone on France.  This work will be completed and equipment removed by Feb. 27.
  • Work connecting to main electrical on France Avenue will be conducted at night on March 1, and 2.  There will be no impact to the Clancy Lot.
  • The underground storm sewer work for the 5-0 Mall building will be completed this Monday, Feb. 26.  This requires the Halifax exit from the Clancy Surface Lot to be closed one additional day.  The exit will be CLOSED Monday, Feb. 26 only.  Customers will be directed to exit through the Center Ramp.
  • The week of Feb. 26, underground storm sewer work will continue in the Clancy Lot but move east toward Danas and Jett Makeup. The Halifax driveway will reopen Tuesday, Feb. 27, but traffic will be re-routed in the parking lot. Parking stalls will be re-striped to minimize confusion to customers.
  •  March 1, and 2, utility work will be close to Jett and North Mall entry will be closed.  Please use East entrance to the 5-0 mall. 
  • Over sized delivery trucks should continue to use curb cuts on W. 50th Street during the work in the Clancy Lot.  The Delivery Lane on Halifax that has been utilized this past week will no longer be available.

Please note that Frana Construction has prepared phasing maps to clarify the construction work throughout the area. These maps will be updated from time-to-time and posted on this web page.