Ongoing Construction Update

Expansion of the North Ramp began in January 2018. It will re-open on or about April 1st. The North Ramp will be completed in September 2018 and will provide more than 400 parking stalls for customers and employees. 

Demolition of the Center Ramp will begin April 2nd, 2018. This will be an active construction site for more than one year. When complete in Fall 2019, this site will feature new apartment homes, new retail shops, and 100+ stalls of indoor customer parking all centered around a series of pedestrian ways and public plazas.

Market Street Construction Update

May 11, 2018

There will be a lot of construction activity in the next several weeks. A detailed forecast for each project follows:
North Ramp Expansion
Construction activities in the North Ramp continue to move along quickly and continue to be on schedule for Fall 2018. Installation of the outstanding brick veneer continues this week moving from east to west. An entire section of the ramp has already been completed. The process is amazing to watch as they cut and fit each piece to form a tasteful front for the ramp. Also this week you will see the 3rd level of the east addition formed and concrete poured.

The large cement box on the west side is the snow chute and will allow for snow removal from the ramp this upcoming Winter.

The New Nolan Mains
(Formerly Center Ramp and Clancy Lot)
Pedestrian walkways will remain open with the exception of May 14 - 30 (day and night) for additional storm utility work. Closure will be from the 5.0 Mall (access to Mall through the north door on the west side) to the transformer located near At Home.These dates have been changed from the previous update. Walkways will be open for the Edina Art Fair the weekend of June 1-3. 

Shoring along the south and east sides closest to the neighboring businesses will be a "Drill and Drop" process that creates less noise and vibrations. This process will begin on Monday, May 14 through Wednesday, May 30, starting on the west side by Coconut Thai moving east towards Spalon. Again, these dates have been changed from the previous update. Excavation of debris and soil in the area continues. You will see trucks exiting the gate area on Halifax heading West, also exiting on Market and making the loop on 50th and heading west.

Take a moment to view the peep holes in the walkways to see all the action of the project. Videos also have been installed throughout the walkways showing all the wonderful details of the New Nolan Mains.

Parking Conditions
The new valet service by Interstate Parking is great. Customers and employees are giving high praises for the outstanding customer service they are receiving. Interstate Parking will continue to have full-time manager Ben Fredrikson working on-site each day to direct valets, assist with traffic flow, and ensure great customer service. Please feel free to call Ben if there is a valet concern. He can be reached at 612-322-9766. The call ahead number for vehicles is 612-499-8090.

Valet Hours are: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Please Note - the Halifax valet location will be closed Saturday, May 12. There is a funeral at the Mercy Commons Church and the parking lot is not available for valet use. The valet location on Market Street by Spalon will be open and fully staffed to accommodate all of your customers.

Park and Ride
Leave your car at Utley Park and take the shuttle to work in downtown Edina. This service operates from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. and from 3 to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. If these times do not meet the needs of your staff please contact Bill Neuendorf. Please encourage your employees to use this service. Best of all, it's free! Also, there is an incentive of a cash rebate of $120 (permit fee) to purchaser, plus full credit toward 2019 annual permit.

Sign up for shuttle service.

Additional handicapped spaces with pedestrian ramp will be added in the west curb cut on 50th Street on Tuesday, May 15.

The City has created a Parking Map detailing Public Parking near 50th & France. Several public and employee parking options are available at 50th & France. Parking is also available on local streets as shown on the map.

STAY INFORMED - Sign up for City Extra emails. This will give you information on any city emergency and road closure within Edina.

Schedule for Monthly Construction Updates

Demolition Phasing Plan - 4-12-2018

Construction Mitigation and Parking Management Plan, Dec. 2017

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