Race & Equity Initiative

The Race & Equity Task Force was developed with the aim of making recommendations on policies, practices and strategies to identify and eliminate race-based disparities in City facilities, services and institutions. Those recommendations have been developed and were presented to City Council on Tuesday, May 15. The recommendations are now being reviewed for possible implementation; and staff aim to deploy recommendations by December 2018. 

Read the Task Force Report

Final Report and Recommendations

Initiative Timeline

  1. Task Force
  2. Services Working Group
  3. Facilities Working Group
  4. Institutions Working Group
The Task Force is comprised of eight members:

  • James Pierce, Co-chair
  • Jessi Kingston, Co-chair
  • Leonel Dorvil
  • Chris Smith
  • Ramla Hasanali
  • Katherine Bass
  • Thuy Anh Fox
  • Michelle Meek, Human Rights & Relations Representative

Why Is This Initiative Important?

The City of Edina started the Race and Equity Project in March of 2017. 

The project was designed to examine the City's entire array of policies and operations. It is limited to the policies and operations that are under the control of the Edina city government and elected leaders. 


The project goal is to take a proactive approach to identify, repair and prevent future disparate outcomes within our community through city policies and procedures. Trust by all community members that policies and operating practices are equitable to our diverse community's needs will improve the quality of life for community members and provide a trusting environment to live, work and play.