Race & Equity Initiative

It is important that the City of Edina help foster a community that is welcoming and inclusive to all who live, work and spend time in the community. In 2018, the City began work on a Racial Equity Implementation Plan based on recommendations of a community task force. The major initiatives of the plan are summarized below.

✔ Indicates Task Completed

 Indicates Task In Progress

 Indicates Task Not Started

Accountability & Data Collection

Hire a Race & Equity Coordinator, whose account abilities include oversight of the Racial Equity Implementation Plan.  

Include racial equity goals in department work plans. 

Provide a racial equity advancement annual report to the Human Rights & Relations Commission and City Council. 

☀ Train all City staff in racial equity.

Investigate options for collecting more race and other demographic data to inform Police policies and procedures.

Maintain a database on the number and location of affordable housing units in Edina.

Investigate options for collecting additional race and other demographic data during Parks & Recreation registration processes to better understand program utilization.  

Publish the Police Department’s public version of its policy manual on the website. 

Evaluate the Quality of Life Survey questions to elicit relevant information about all City services around race and equity.  

City Facilities & Services

Honor black Edina pioneers Beverly and Ellen Yancey for their contribution to the community by naming  a public facility after them.

Review the existing Come Home 2 Edina program and marketing materials to families of color.

Train employees on how to support first-time guests at City facilities.

Ensure artwork and décor at City facilities reflect diversity of race and culture.

Ensure City facilities have wayfinding signage and printed materials in multiple languages.

Train staff on scholarship fund availability to ensure residents are provided the opportunity to apply for financial assistance.

Identify if barriers to utilize Parks & Recreation programs exist.

Employee Training & Diversity

∴ Set goals to increase the percentage of full-time staff who are people of color and/or fluent in a language other than English.

∴ Develop diversity recruiting strategy for City employees that identifies specific actions to be taken on an annual basis.

 Assess and revise job descriptions to include racial equity competencies, as positions become available.

∴ Research the City’s participation in, or establishment of, a program like Pathway to Policing to develop future candidates for careers in local law enforcement for people of color.

∴ Evaluate the feasibility of partnering with Edina, Hopkins and Richfield school districts to highlight career pathways in local government.

∴ Investigate community incentives to help attract a diverse pool of candidates.

Development & Enforcement of Policies

☀ Develop a City-wide procedure and policy for responding to complaints that could be racially motivated.

☀ Review policies for plain language. Rewrite policies, as needed, during the normal course of their review.

☀ Review the City’s Affordable Housing Policy annually to address current conditions and needs.

∴ Develop goals and policies to increase the number of affordable housing units and rental units where housing assistance vouchers can be used.

∴ Review Edina zoning regulations to change or remove language that may contribute to racial disparities.

∴ Analyze policies related to external and independent criminal investigations and prosecutions for officer-involved shootings, in-custody death incidents and use of force.

∴ Ensure associations and vendors that use or rent City facilities are operating in accordance with the City’s expectation regarding racial equity and inclusion. Post this policy at each City facility.

Community Engagement & Communications

☀ Develop a more strategic approach to community engagement efforts and task a City employee with overseeing/directing community engagement work.

✔ Create a standing “Feedback Group” of volunteers to help with strategic and quick racial equity feedback on City communication efforts.

∴ Develop a Limited English Proficiency Policy.

∴ Conduct a review of the process for posting the Police Department’s Crime Report online with individual names.

☀ Add Metro Transit link to facility websites.

∴ Develop alternate ways to register for programs or reserve space in City facilities.

∴ Evaluate and improve the Police Department’s current community outreach programs.

∴ Develop communication strategies to publicize and promote the Police Department through communication methods, including social media.