Race & Equity Initiative

The City of Edina is committed to being welcoming and inclusive to all who live, work and spend time in the city. To support and foster inclusivity, city staff members are dedicated to acknowledging, seeking out and celebrating the diversity of Edina community members and proactively working together to eliminate systemic and institutional barriers  to ensure all people have the opportunity to thrive in Edina.

Race and Equity Work Background

With the support and approval of the City Council in 2016, the City of Edina formally started race and equity work. The Edina Race and Equity Task Force was created in February 2017, which was led by Edina residents and supported by city staff members. The task force was charged to make recommendations on policies and strategies to identify and eliminate disparities based on race. The work of the Task Force was guided by community feedback through small and large community meetings.  Research survey, extensive training, and review of City operations was a part of the Task Force’s process.

In May 2018, the Edina Race and Equity Task Force presented a final report and recommendation to the City Council. After the presentation of the final report and recommendation, City Staff created the Racial Equity Implementation Plan, which was approved by City Council in September 2018. The Implementation Plan is the foundational work the City of Edina uses to engage and deepen racial equity work for all.

The Racial Equity Implementation Plan focused on five themes:

  • Accountability and Data Collection
  • City Facilities & Services
  • Employee Training & Diversity
  • Development & Enforcement of Policies
  • Community Engagement & Communications

The Implementation Plan has work-plan items or tasks that are distributed through all the City departments, which include critical analysis of current operating processes and improvement, professional development growth opportunities, deepening community engagement, transparency, and awareness through a race and equity lens.

To ensure the City of Edina is persistent in its racial and equity work, the City has:

  • Participated in Advancing Racial Equity offered through Government Alliance on Racial Equity (GARE)
  • Embedded foundational racial equity goals in all departments
  • Created a staff Racial Equity Advancement Team (REAT) to lead the implementation of the Racial Equity Work Plan
  • Included a Human Rights and Relations chapter in the Comprehensive Plan, which outlines race equity as a major goal for the next 30 years.

The City of Edina is fully aware that achieving racial equity transformation is a continuous process, through learning and growing from relevant historical and current day experiences and making connections to the desired future vision of Edina.  Racial equity involves all community members and city staff to strive to act and make thoughtful, intentional, and informed decisions that are fair and inclusive for all community members.