For a little more than the cost of a latte, the average homeowner can add wind-sourced energy to help power their home. What do our kids – future homeowners – think about that? Sign up today at!

Why Windsource?

Edina’s residents are doing their part to help achieve our community’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2025 by signing up for Xcel Energy’s Windsource®

“The Council made [energy goals] because the community has told us that the environment is important to them, the air we breathe is important, having a stable climate and safe earth is important,” said Mayor Jim Hovland. “A really easy, affordable way that we can do that is to tell our community about Windsource and encourage them to take part.”

Windsource is a voluntary renewable subscription program enabling renters, homeowners, and businesses to easily source their electricity from wind.  Residents and businesses can select how much energy they’d like to purchase through the program each month.  One 100 kilowatt-hour block of renewable energy costs about $1, and the average households uses 4 to 8 blocks per month.  For about $5 a month, the average household can get 50-100% of its electricity from renewable energy.  To make it easy, the Windsource subscription is added to your Xcel Energy bill. 

Signing up is simple and less than 5 minutes!  Any renter, homeowner, or business that is an Xcel Energy customer is eligible.  Call (800) 895-4999 or complete the online application at

Want to know more?  Windsource FAQs are available

Why renewable energy?

Energy generation from fossil fuels is one of our largest carbon emitters.  By signing up for Windsource, the community is moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy, which have a smaller carbon footprint.  Currently, commercial properties are responsible for roughly 60% of Edina’s greenhouse gas emissions from electricity, and residential properties are responsible for about 30%. The City and schools make up the remaining 10%.

The existing energy mix you receive from Xcel Energy includes 25% renewable energy and is more than 55% carbon free. Many would like even more clean energy, and are looking to lower their carbon footprint by powering their home or business with wind and solar sources.

There are currently 917 Windsource subscribers in Edina. The City hopes to have 660 additional subscribers over the next five months.

For more information, visit or call Brown at 952-826-1621.