Avenue on France

6600 to 6800 France Avenue
Edina, MN 55424

DJR Architects are proposing a redevelopment of the 21.78-acre parcel at 6600 to 6800 France Avenue to be known as "The Avenue on France." The request is for a 6 phase redevelopment to include:
  • A new 6-story medical building
  • A new 6-story office building
  • A new 4-story hotel
  • A new 8-story, 70-unit residential condominium
  • Three new 102 story retail buildings
  • A new single story Bank of America building
  • The existing buildings that would remain include the 7-story office and 6-story office buildings and the Tavern on France Restaurant
To accommodate the request the following is required:
  • Preliminary Rezoning to PUD (Planned Unit Development)
  • A Comprehensive Plan Amendment to increase the height maximum
  • Preliminary Development Plan
Download the schematics of the proposed plan (PDF)